Our premium unit is high impact but non-intrusive. Responsive scaling ensures the creative is expertly displayed on all browser sizes. A background image, side panels and a Masthead are the 3 core elements of the format. Videos, along with image galleries and interactive hotspots, can be included.

The side panels can contain a sequence of images or messaging that animate as the user scrolls up or down the page. This is great way of including more content within the space available.

The Skin Plus expands to a full screen unit on user click, making maximum use of the browser size. It’s perfect for displaying a video or an image gallery of up to 5 frames.

Designed for a speedy turnaround. Quick and simple upload of your static creative.

Beginning with a header and footer, on tap the Mobile Skin will expand to a full screen unit. Hotspots, videos and galleries can all be included to have maximum brand impact.