Choose from a range of high-impact, rich media brand formats to help you monetise your inventory globally across devices.

TI Studio has a broad suite of rich media brand formats delivering amazing and engaging, data-driven, ad experiences across multiple screens to meet the varied objectives required in todays digital advertising space. We can help publishers with creative production services. Get in touch and we can help you maximise the revenue from your site.

  • Engagement
  • High-impact
  • Cross-device

TI Media Publishing source and recruit premium publishers in the UK market and worldwide. We offer an array of high-impact, rich media brand formats that help publishers monetise their inventory globally and across devices. We work closely with publishers, sharing insights on viewability, brand safety, user engagements and present thought leadership sessions to discuss industry trends and challenges. We are committed to the highest standards of brand safety and have been awarded DTSG, EDAA & JICWEB certifications. TI Media are an Integral Ad Science global partner.

“The TI team are a pleasure to work with. Consistently bringing demand combined with great formats and a lovely bunch of people too!”


“We love working with TI on campaigns, some of which wouldn’t be possible unless TI included us on plans. The results have been great and provide excellent case studies that the team use to pitch out to other clients. The team are also incredibly responsive and a pleasure to work with!”


“My experience as a publisher working with TI is that they are a real valued partner who maintain a strong alliance in this crazy digital advertising market. They are professionals and are results driven. I really appreciate our solid partnership.”